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What's a mechanical ventilator?

Mechanical ventilator is a device designed to deliver air to patients who can not breathe alone. Its main function is to promote the kind of proper breathing to the patient.

Are devices whose function is to provide primary and cyclically withdraw a certain volume of gas from the patient in order to provide oxygen (O2) and remove carbon dioxide (CO2).



How to choose a Lung Ventilator?

The Lung Ventilator is one of the hardest critical use equipment to evaluate, in view of the variety brands and models, clinical multidisciplinary involved and specifications which sometimes generate peculiar characteristics that are more useful to differentiate a model from another than in use at therapy. Nowadays, through the uncountable brands and varieties, the most preferred Lung Ventilator basically are the ones that grants comfort and safety to the patient, which reasonably are the most moderns, ranging between the  micro-processed  and the computerized ones.



What´s the existents types of Lung Ventilator?

Nowadays we can say there are 4 Lung Ventilator types or generations. The first model was only pneumatic and cycled through a gas generator. The second generation was of the “digital analogues”, better known as electronic ventilators. The third and most striking one is known as micro-processed age. These days we are in the computer age equipments where we can note the mixture of the equipments from the third generation with informatics age



What’s a Lung Ventilator?

Lung Ventilator is an equipment made to provides air to patients who are not able to breath by themselves. Its main function is to provide an adequate breathing for the patient conditions health. It simulates a natural breath, giving oxygen(O2 )to the patient and taking away carbon dioxide( CO2).


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